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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Link Treasures

It's been a while since my last Link Treasures post. As my followers will have noticed I do not post often nowadays and that is simply because I have not been spending as much time on the computer as I did before. As a consequence I have not been reading my google reader as much either. I found that I was spending way too much time at the computer when there are dishes waiting, books to be read and time to spend with the boys and outside, as well as preparing for DVBS of which I am the director this year.

That said here are some posts that I have come across in the past few months which I thought I would share:

30 ways to Practice Spelling Words

Just This 1 Thing

10 Quick Kitchen Organizing Tips

10 Containers to Reuse or Recycle for Craft Supplies

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling: a must read.

Staying on Schedule

8 ways to provide an Interest-Led Learning at Home

Mother as the Coach While you are at The Legacy of Home make sure to check her carnival: The Christian Home, you will be sure to find something inspiring there.

From Heart of the matter Online: What's so Bad About Yelling; Planning for the New Year; When motivation goes Down the Drain and  Math Games

Apps-school: a great site that tells you about all the great apps for school that are around.

Not Everyone Should Homeschool

Top Ten Cookbooks



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