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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Studies of Ancient Civilizations Extra Resources

I love TOG because of its breadth and width of information and literature. Within the curriculum you will find plenty of resources to read along with each unit. I did do some extra reading for myself and also with Zach just to complement and add more variety in style and ways of presenting the subject matter; Zach has developed a real interest for History.

Here is a list of resources that I found useful while studying the Ancient Civilizations in our Tapestry of Grace curriculum year 1:

Atlas and books:

The Kingfisher Atlas of the Ancient World

The Visual Dictionary of Ancient Civilizations

The Atlas of Ancient Civilizations

The Atlas of the Ancient World

The Kingfisher Book of Ancient World from the Ice Age to the Fall of Rome

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

The Big Book of Civilizations

Questions and Answers: Ancient Civilizations

Time Life Student Library: Ancient Civilizations

Exploring History: Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations : Discovering the People and Places of Long Ago

The Ancient Mediterranean by Rebecca Stefoff

The World of the Roman Emperor by Peter Chrisp


You are in Ancient . . .

Life in Ancient . . .

Jane Shuter books

Anita Ganeri books

People of the Ancient World

What do we Know About . . .

You Wouldn't want to be  . . .

All About Ancient Peoples

The Best book of  . . .

Back to Basics

What's Their Story

100 Things You should Know About



Ancient and Medieval People

All About Ancient People

See Inside

Uncovering History (Everyday Life . . .)

See Through History


Discovery School: Journals Through History Series

Lost Treasures of Ancient World series

Ancient civilizations for children Series



Mr Donn: Ancient Civilizations section

BBC History (for Kids): history section

Highland Hitcho

The Chronicle of the Earth

Hands-on books:

120 Great History Projects

Hands-on History Series

Footsteps in Time Series

My World (Chicago III,World Book in Association with Two Can)


Mary said...

Thank you for these resources... we are in the ancients right now and I like the computer resources you suggested especially. The possibilities when you homeschool are ENDLESS, aren't they?

Thanks also for linking up with the Three Thinking Mothers' Blog Roll!

Theresa said...

Thank you for linking your blog to the Three Thinking Mothers blog roll!

This is an extensive, wonderful list of resources - Thanks!

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