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Monday, September 12, 2011

TOS Review: Time 4 Learning


Time 4 Learning is an interactive web-based online curriculum for grades pre-K- 8. Web-based means that you can log in from any computer anywhere.


Time 4 Learning is designed to be used either as a stand alone curriculum, as an add-on, as a supplement or after-school program, or even as a summer refresher.

It covers, rather comprehensively, subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. To see an overview of the topics covered for each grade you can go here. Once you sign up you have access to a full scope and sequence for each grade.

Here is  a screenshot  of a 2nd grade Math lesson:


Here is a screenshot of a 3rd grade vocabulary lesson:


It is a paid subscription curriculum priced at $19.99/month for the first child, and $14.99 for each additional child.

Here is what you get for your subscription:

  • More than 1,000 interactive animated lessons

  • Self paced lessons

  • Math & algebra tutorials & printable worksheets

  • Interactive, project-based reading activities

  • Language arts, phonics & grammar lessons

  • Science (grades 1st - 6th) & social studies (grades 2nd - 7th)

  • Detailed reporting for easy record keeping

  • Extensive lesson plans & teaching tools for parents

  • Lessons correlated to State standards

  • You can easily take an evaluation test and the program will place you at your appropriate level with the ability to move 1 grade lower and/or 1 grade higher, which is a really nice feature.

    The program is set up to send the parent progress reports so as to monitor the child's progress and performance.

    The program is also set to give the child playground time (play time) as a reward for lessons completed.

    The parent's space is very useful. You can assign lessons if you wish (which takes some time to figure out) but it is not really needed as the curriculum progresses automatically; you can set how many lessons the child has to complete before having access to the playground and how long he is allowed in the playground.

    For more info you can check their FAQ on their website.

    Our opinion:

    I will say that Time 4 Learning is a great program. I have seen it advertised so many times and always wondered why it was so well talked about. Now I know. It is very attractive and keeps the child attention while teaching lots of concepts. How much of it is retained, I do not know, given the short review time we had (1 month). The interactive aspect of the curriculum is really its main strength.

    The boys enjoyed using it a lot. We focused on the Math part, as that is the area that I wanted to cement some concepts in.  However, they enjoyed some of the science, phonics and Vocabulary portions as well.

    As you go up in the grades (past 2nd grade) there are more parts that are not as interactive and my oldest was  not as interested in checking those out, especially in Science and Social Studies (as those are subjects he usually likes). At the higher grades the child also needs to be a good reader.

    Something great about the curriculum is that  the child can use it independently. Each child gets his own log in and there is minimal to no need for parental assistance. The topics progress automatically and at the lower grades it is all read to you.

    This curriculum is great for kids who do well with computer learning and also for parents who have lots of kids to teach. If I had the money I would definitely renew as a complement to what we are doing.

    Make sure to check our their free demo for you to get a feel of the curriculum for yourself.

    Make sure also to check out other crew mate reviews of Time 4 Learning.

    Disclosure: This is not a paid review. I was offered one month subscription free of charge in exchange for an honest review of this product.

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    Kellyann said...

    Great review! My girls enjoyed it too.

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