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Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Fridays

1.   All school subjects  got done this week: Math, English, Spelling, French, Reading, Science, Geography, Vocabulary.

2.   We started A Child's Geography by Ann Vo  and I really love this curriculum, both the content and how it makes you aware of the needs in the world around us. The project they worked on at the end of chapter 1:

Where they fit in the context of how big the world is: Zach, in his house, in his city, in his province, in his country, on his continent, on the earth:

3.   How a game of Monopoly with a 6 year old and an 8 year old can become a not so fun time. My boys love to play Monopoly cards and Monopoly U-built. However, neither of then are good sports, but more so my youngest. Last night, they both were losing badly, and it ended in tears and suspended game. These are great opportunities to teach them about the reality of life and how it is all about enjoying each other's company and a game together, rather than winning or losing. Doesn't work out so well though . . .

4.   My boys have been falling asleep late lately, here is one reason why:

5.   Zach's newest painting creation:

6.  The boys and I located Orion in the night sky. What an excitement!

7.   Made homemade naan bread this week, and it was a hit. We had it with Red lentils soup.

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Great drawing!!

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