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Monday, February 6, 2012

Celestial Almanack - TOS Review



Recently I have started to get really interested in the fields of Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology and Physics. The Celestial Almanack comes at a great time for me to enjoy and teach to my kids about astronomy and celestial bodies. This is a topic that, I would say, is above and beyond my purview ( I am not even an amateur in the field), but I certainly want to learn and I want my boys to develop an appetite for it. The study of these heavenly bodies is fascinating and awe inspiring. They push you beyond what you see to praise God, their Creator.

So, what exactly is this Celestial Almanac?

It is a monthly online publication put out by Fourth Day Press that seeks to guide you as you study and learn about the night sky. It is a fairly new publication (first issue was this past January) but I have to say it is very promising.

It is a downloadable ezine about 20 pages long available from Currclick at the modest cost of $3 a month, given the depth of the information found in there.

Here is what I like about it:

  • It is fact and information-filled. You learn about the constellations, locating them in the night sky, the phases of the moon, look for the particulars of your shadow, the why, in and outs of the seasons, the planets and what they are up to, and loads more.
  • The facts and info correlate with the calendar and seek to be relevant to what is happening during that month.
  • It is highly visual. The graphics are very well done, colourful and engaging.
The e-zine is geared toward 11 and up, and while I must say the vocabulary is certainly at least at that level, if not higher, one can still find things in there to teach and explain about the night sky to younger kids.

While the e-zine is meant to coincide with the science curriculum put out by the same company, Signs & Seasons (available at Classical Astronomy), you can certainly benefit from the magazine without it, though, I am sure, it would be great resource to have alongside.

But do not take my word for it; go and check their sample out and see for yourself. Also, make sure to read what my other crewmates have to say about The Celestial Almanac.


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Laura Lane said...

You got it done! Yay! I'm following you GFC from the TOS Crew!

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