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Monday, October 8, 2012

Tapestry of Grace (TOG) Planning

We  have entered our 3rd year of using Tapestry of Grace and could not say that I have really a system down when it comes to planning out Tapestry. This year, because I want to accomplish more from the curriculum (up to now I was focusing on History, Geography and Literature), I am attempting a more rigorous planning system. Here I will lay it out and we shall see how it turns out in practice.

Before the year started, for Unit 1:
  • Made a list of what needs to be done every week, such as: literature assignment, which project, map work etc...
  • Made a list of the vocabulary words to be entered in Spelling City for each week.
  • Printed out the maps needed for each week.
  • Make a master list of timelines figures and dates.
Week before:
  • Order books from the library (preferably early in the week or better yet 2 weeks before.
  • Mark the pages in each books that we are going to read.
  • Gather supplies for projects 
  • Enter the week's vocabulary words into Spelling City
Our week's schedule:

Monday & Tuesday:  History and literature readings
Wednesday: Map Work and vocabulary work (continue reading if not yet completed)
Friday: Vocabulary work and special project (continue reading and map work if not yet completed)

This plan does not really work out very well yet, but I think this is a a good starter plan that I need to attain. Our first six week of school was tainted with my brother's visit, so I was not really able to establish a good routine. We will see how it goes when we resume school after our 4 weeks of vacation.

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