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Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday

The Pebble PondIt is a new year school year and we have been at it for the past 4 weeks already. I have been a bit hiatus here on the blog, as a result of trying to be more present in my home than on the internet, but I thought it would be good to give a little update of what is happening here in our homeschool.

1. What we are doing in school. We started the 3rd week of August with only a few subjects such as Math and Grammar, and have moved on now to adding History, Science, Latin, French, Logic/Philosophy, Handwriting and spelling. I am still tweaking our schedule so as to have a smooth week, but so far things are going relatively well.

Zach is enjoying his History studies, as usual, especially as we are in the middle of a study of WWI. I am very thrilled to see realized what veteran homechoolers have told me when I used to complain about Zach hating writing, which was that by the time they reach 10 or 11 years of age, boys just start writing. Indeed this school year I have yet to hear him complain about the writing in any of his assignments, it's like a switch just turned on in his brain. I can only praise God and thank these moms who encouraged me not to sweat it, and glad I followed their advice.

Joho is another story, as he has much energy to contend with, he does not like to focus on things such as grammar, but mom is pressing on.

In Math I started with fractions with them, this school year, which we tackled at the end of last school year, Zach having also factors and multiples in his workload.

2. Activities the boys have been doing. Zach has been enjoying making a salt dough map of Europe during WWI and a model of trenches. They also have been inspired in crafting these week.

Some of these are still in process I believe

3. We started a few routines with the boys in the last month:
  • On top of our regular bible reading after breakfast, we have started praying for a country every day, especially for their missionaries and for the people there to come to know Christ
  • We also started going through the Heidelberg Catechism after supper every night. In the past we have been through the Westminster Catechism but never finished it, hopefully we will reach the end of this one.
4. What I have been reading:
5. The whole family is excited about all of us being involved in our church Christmas cantata this year. This makes for all of us singing along t Christmas songs together all week long, as we practice our parts.

Hope you all have a great week-end!


Brittney said...

Well, good to know I only have a few more years of my son resisting writing!

Beth Starr said...

Hmmm, my son is 11 and it hasn't clicked yet, but we are working on it!

Joelle A. said...

I am sure it will come Beth.

Sharon said...

Looks like a great week. Almost time to start practicing that Christmas music.....

Dalynn McCoy said...

Sounds like a wonderful week, and a great kickoff to homeschooling. God bless!

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