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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Curriculum Planning 2014-2015

I am willing to bet that curriculum line up is on the mind of many homeschoolers at the moment. I am no exception. I have been meaning to sit down and draw up a tentative plan for the up coming school year. I finally get to do it, and decided to share it here.

The boys will be officially in grade 4 and 6. Wow, the years are mounting up!

For the 2014-2015 year I am hoping to still be on the crew, through which I am getting a lot of curriculum to try, so I am trying to not buy too much stuff.

So here we go: (The ones with asterisks will be new acquisitions)

Both of them will be working on these curriculum:

CTC Math (online): Both of them are liking this program so we will stick with it for now. You can read my review.

Math on the Level: our go to curriculum.

Tapestry of Grace year 1: We are looking forward to starting our cycle back again to Ancient Time.

****Writing and Rhetoric Book 2: Narrative 1: We are all liking this book.

Spelling lists from The Logic of English

**** Poetry for Beginner from Classical Writing 

Basher Science books: The boys love reading these books.

Visual Learning Systems (online): review here

Michael Clay Thompson Grammar Voyage

Family Time Fitness4Homeschool


Latina Christina II: I am hoping to finish up Latina Christina I by June, and pick up with II in the fall.

French? Duolingo

Orbiting with Logic: which Zach started this year but has not completed yet.

An Ilustrated Book of Bad Arguments

***** Roots of English  Dropped


French: Getting Started with French -  really liking this

 ****Perplexors: Expert Level : Joho loves doing those logic puzzles. He's gone through levels A through D.

*****Handwriting Without Tears Cursive : HWT has been a success in our homeschooling. I love their curriculum.

Skills for Success: World Geography: Started this year, but not completed.

Simply Grammar, which  we started last year, but dropped mid-year.

***** Latin for Children Primer A

I am also planning to implement this Morning Basket concept with a combination of the following:

There you have it, our tentative line up for the next school year.

PS: This post contains affiliate links.


Jen Altman said...

Looks great! Best of luck in the coming year :D Thanks for linking up!!

Tristan said...

It is neat seeing what works for different families! We spent 2 years with the Crew and it was a good thing, we tried many new items and it really helped me refine what worked for us and what didn't. Enjoy the new year and thanks for linking up!

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