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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Random 5 - Saturday Version

We are 2 weeks into September and summer is definitely over. After the burst of heat we had last week here in Toronto, I am glad for the cooler weather we are having now (though it also means starting to cover the neck back again).

Our school year started about a month ago. We only took July off, which got quite busy with church activities.

August was fluid, mix with school and outdoor activities.

Here are a few random 5 from the past month:

1. I harvested tomatoes from my first time ever at trying my hands at balcony garden. I also have peppers growing. Yay me!!!

2. In the first couple of weeks of back to school we finished up our year 1 of Tapestry of Grace, which we did not get to finish before our break in July.

3. This year I have enrolled Zach in an online co-op for our Tapestry of Grace curriculum (we are doing year 2). We have had 2 sessions, and so far he is enjoying it. I am glad it will help us keep on track, but that also means pushing him harder at completing his assignments on time.

4. I am really excited we got on the review of Phonetic Zoo from IEW. I have been wanting to try this curriculum for years. Keep an eye out for the review in a couple of months.

5. If you've never checked out Year Round Homeschooling, where I am the monthly History contributor every month, make sure to check out my  August post  4 Must Historical Fiction for your Ancient Times Studies. And while you are there, check out the Curriculum Round Up series we did in July.

Have a great week-end!

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