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Math and Logic in Our Homechool - What do we Use

Week 3 of The Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is all about Math and Logic, discovering patterns. How did (do) we tackle this in our homeschool? Read along!

I will first start by saying that I have two children who approach Math very differently. One loves it and the mechanics of it, but sometimes struggles with the logic of it (he's got his own logic, which he gets from me unfortunately). That said, he does pretty well and is actually ahead of his grade. My other son does not like the repetition and practice aspect of math, though he most often has little difficulty to understand the concepts. He is doing fine and is at grade level.

In the elementary levels we have used Singapore Math (grade 1 and 2), which I would highly recommend. It is a strong Math curriculum. The boys got strong foundations from it. We ended up settling for Math on the Level, which attracted me because of its cost effectiveness. MoL covers everything you need for grades 1-8. You can check my evaluation post of it for more details.

Also up to this year I was blessed to be part of the TOS Review Crew and got to review lots of wonderful Math curriculum. Check out my Review tab on this blog for a complete list of those. My favorite, and the one we used most has been CTC Math. It was easy to use and the boys reasonably liked it. So, between all of these, basic Math has been well covered! Thank God!

Now that the boys are in middle school and tackling Pre-algebra and Algebra courses, my husband, who has always disliked online math programs, required them to do paper Math. To that end I decided to give Alpha and Omega Lifepac a try. My hubby who is a chemistry graduate grew up on these so I figured let's try that. They are both covering grade 8 this year, and so far so good. Because of the departure from online teaching, I gave my hubby the job of teaching Math when issues arises. AOP Lifepac is pretty self-teaching,which is what I like, given that the boys are pretty independent..

In the last couple of years, to address the paper math issue, I had complemented CTC Math with Kumon books and Life of Fred, so we will be continuing with these as well as extra practice.

As for Logic, check my previous years' Curriculum Fair posts to see what we have done up to now. This year  my youngest started The Fallacy Detective and my oldest finished up The Art of Argument and is about to start the Discovery of Deduction.

And that is it, check the other posts in the series!


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