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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Curriculum Line up 2017-2018

It is the end of August and School for us is starting this coming Monday. Planning for this upcoming school year has been on going since May, and hopefully I have settled on what we will be using. This year I have a 9th grader and a 7th grader. I cannot believe I will have a high schooler in the house. Time really flew by....

So what are our curriculum choices for this year?

A couple of notes before I lay the choices out:

*****Last year we switched from online Math to paper Math. Hubby did not like the idea of doing Math online and wanted the boys to do paper math, so we switched to Alpha and Omega Lifepac (which is a curriculum he has used when he was in school).

**** I am planning for my high schooler to be homeschoold all the way, so am working on a 4-year high school plan that will allow him to be well equipped to take the ACT and some AP classes comes 11th grade (which are what universities in Canada look for). Some outside grades will be nice too, so I will be thinking on maybe adding some of those in grade 12. A post on our High School plan will be forth coming in the next few months.

*** We will continue copywork from selections from The Great Books Reader.

Grade 7

Math: Alpha and Omega Lifepac grade 8 and Life of Fred Algebra with Biology.
Grammar: Continue with Analytical Grammar
Writing: Writing and Rhetoric Common Place Book 6
Science: Explore the World of Physics from Masterbooks
French: French Smart book 7 and Duolingo
Bible: Veritas Bible
History/Geography/Literature: Tapestry of Grace year 4: 20th Century
Logic: Still undecided
Electives: Piano lessons still ongoing, just started grade 7

Grade 9

Math: Lifepac - Finish grade 8 and complete grade 9
Grammar: Michael Clay Thompon Magic Lens II (maybe)
Logic: The Discovery of Deduction from Classic Academic Press
Writing: Writing and Rhetoric Common Place Book 6 and 7 Sister's Guide to High School Essay Writing series
Literature/English: Learning Language Arts Through Literature gold book - American Literature
Science: Explore The World of Physics
French: French Smart book 7 and Duolingo
Bible: Veritas Bible
History/Geography/Literature/Government/PhilosophyTapestry of Grace year 4: The Twentieth Century
SAT/CAT prep:  I-pad app and library books, as well as online prep tests from PrepScholar, the ACT website, PowerScore Test Preparation, Beasley College Prep.
  • Violin and Music Theory
  • Film series videos from Crashcourse. Completed Film History over the summer and moved on to Film production

And there you have our curriculum line up for the year 2017-1018!

1 comment:

Annette V said...

some good choices there I think.

What is life of fred biology like?

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