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Monday, August 20, 2018

5 Days of Homeschool Encouragement - Motivation Monday - On High School

The Schoolhouse Review crew is having a Back to School blog hop this week and the topic is Homeschool Encouragement. I am pretty confident that anyone embarked on this homeschooling journey can use a little encouragement.

Today, Monday, the blog hop kicks off the week with motivational posts. Since I am entering my second year of homeschooling High-school I thought it appropriate to talk about homeschooling the High School years and maybe encourage those dreading it.

First, let me tell you that the high school years are nothing like the preschool or elementary years. I recently read an article on the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog talking about the loneliness that comes from homeschooling High school, and I could not agree more with many of the points made there: the weird look when people find out you are homeschool high-school, the changing nature of field-trips, how more expensive it all becomes, the waning away of those precious childhood moments and feelings, and more.

Our grade 9 year did not really go as I had hoped and planned. I had to make changes mid-way and made a few choices that in hindsight were not the best. I was not very happy with the way my son was handling his time, not finishing his assignments, and sometimes not giving his best. Basically it was a very frustrating year for me. This has caused me to many time wonder, should I still be homeschooling, would he not be better in public school? This has caused me to doubt my ability to graduate him and successfully get him ready for college or university.  BUT, deep down there was always this conviction that he was right where he needed to be... that the Lord was doing a work in him and in me...that it will turn out okay in the end.

This whole process caused me to think hard about my reasons for homeschooling high school. Is it because it is cool? Uh no! Is it because it is easier? Certainly not? Is it because I am scared of the outside world? Not really, I think my son's got a pretty good grounding and is secure in his relationship with God. And on top of that, we have a good family relationship and communication going on. So what is it? In addition to answering this question I was also forced to look beyond the academics to the deeper benefits of homeschooling. So, let me tell you what in the end motivates me to continue on this journey.

First, this is what I believe the Lord gave me to do. I strongly believe in God's mandate for able parents to take on the education of their child. There are so many resources available for us to use, we are not left on our own!

Second, home is the best place for them to be grounded for what the world will throw at them in this ever changing culture. Forging a strong christian worldview takes time. Even though I think my boys have a pretty good foundation, there is till a lot to add and nurture. The rhetoric years have a lot to offer in  preparing teens to be good critics of the world.

Third, home is the best place for them to prepare to be culture changers instead of culture absorbents and consumers. Freedom to explore their gifts and abilities is a big motivator to homeschooling.

Fourth, God has it all in hand. He knows what he has in store for my kids, I just need to do my part and be in prayer for them.

Fifth, this journey is also for the benefit of my growth, as a leader, a planner and a teacher. I need to take on the challenge relying on God's grace and help.

So, all of this to say homeschooling High School is a daunting task, after all it is just your kids' future we are talking about, but I know it is totally doable. I have seen and read about many successful stories, so I know I am not dreaming. If you are contemplating homeshooling high school or are a bit discouraged in the midst of it all, be encouraged and inspired today to keep on if you know that is the path for your family.

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